Our Story

Hello! We are Ricard (Barcelona) and Raphael (Normandie) and we are Ohmyhook!
We might be a young company but we have more than 10 years experience designing and producing wooden wall hangers.


These two fellows met each other when climbing their respective staircases, meters away…
On one side, Ricard was climbing to La Varieté studio, the company where he designs and produce home decoration for more than 10 years in Barcelona, including wall hooks…
On the other side, Raphaël was taking a break from the architecture office he was working for and waved at the tall guy at the other side of the patio…
6 years later, after talking endlessly about music, playing tennis, breaking bread and drinking wine, these 2 gathered together to create Ohmyhookyour shop specialised in wooden wall hangers!

We want to share the enthusiasm we have around these cute handmade items and make sure they can come to your house, wherever you live!
A special thank you to Raquel, La Varieté partner in Barcelona, and if you are in Spain, you can continue your shopping there!

• Ric combines the passion of creating home decor objects as well as painting on canvas.
• Raphael is splitting his life between wall hooks and teaching at university.

Our Proposition

We think that wall hooks are simple yet difficult items to choose for your home, they come in many shapes, from many brands, have different finishing and are not always as durable as they might look. These useful everyday items should be strong, easy to install, and have a unique touch.

Ohmyhook is dedicated to design new types of wall hangers for different spaces and usage in your home : we are your go-to wall hangers shop when you wish to decorate or change your interior. We always follow the same principles for all our models : simplicity, durability and singularity.
Our wall hooks are handmade from tree branches in our studio/house/factory/garden and we always have our hands on them before sending them to your home!
We manage the entire process of designing and making these wall hooks, read more on our process page.

How Does It Work?

Well, when you are browsing our online-shop or our socials, there is a high chance we are busy cutting or sanding wood! And if you’re willing to get your hands on some hooks, we will prepare a small box packed with your items while listening a bit of folk, classic rock or jazz in the morning…  By the way, don’t hesitate to leave us a message when you’re ordering, we’d like reading your few words over a glass of wine after a long day of work!

If you have any question you can contact us on socials, or read our Frequently Asked Questions page.

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