We have been making handmade wall hooks for more than 10 years now, here is how we make them and why we do it that way.



Our wooden wall hooks are made from tropical pruned tree branches : we are lucky to live next to farmers who provide us the wood branches we need to make wall hooks. We directly select the wood on site and check that there are no fungus nor cracks and make sure it follows the size of our models.
Wood is a natural resource, growing fast, and we try to use the entire wood branch as much as possible. We put it in our old white pick up and bring it home! The magic happens there!



All the making process of our handmade wall hooks have no level of automation.
We are using our own hands to make them, and we actually like to see the transformation of this raw material into a cute item to display your belongings and accessories at  home.

After removing the bark, we bring the branches directly to Ohmyhook H.Q ( don’t be fooled by the name, it’s just our studio/production space ) and start cutting them to desired thickness. We are careful to choose the best looking side of each piece of wood in order to display the natural wood marks, wood knots or unusual shapes resulting from tree growth.

We actually spend most of our time sanding, as we aim to achieve a high level of smoothness, so we check each item piece by piece!

We then insert the screw deep inside the wood piece and give it a last hand sanding to assure the final product to be as smooth as advertised. The screw is directly inserted in the wood as we realised it the best way to make the wall hangers strong, compared to using screw nuts! ( trust us, we’ve been doing that before… )

If you choose to have painted wall hooks, we do so on demand, to be sure your wall hooks to be freshly painted when they arrive home.


Packing & Sending

Once we get your order (with paint or not) we place them in a cardboard box and fill the remaining of the space with recycled shredded paper. We finally wrap your parcel with recycled plastic rice bags, ensuring protection during transportation. Just plug your drilling machine, wall hooks are on their way!

For more delivery information, you can read our shipping page! And if you are a professional and you are curious to know if we can handle making specials orders, please contact us with this form.

With love, Ohmyhook team!

Psst! Read our F.A.Q page for more details, and if you wanna get your hands on a few wall hooks, visit our store!

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