• wooden-wall-knob-hook-champi-1-interior

      Wall Hook, CHAMPI N°1

      From: $14,00
      A slice of tree branch... Topped with a smooth texture and a dash of color if you want to. Best served hot on a freshly-painted wall! Enjoy CHAMPI n°1.
    • handmade-wall-knob-hook-champi-2-interior

      Wall Hook, CHAMPI N°2

      From: $14,00
      Because the world is round... You might need this cute round wall hanger! We really love this one and our regulars do too. Choose it in its natural wood texture or add a bit of pop with our 4 different colors!
    • decorative-wall-knob-hook-champi-3-straw-hat

      Wall Hook, CHAMPI N°3

      From: $14,00
      Flat or curvy? Champi n°3 has both! This is our new design and we hope you'll like it... Your hook makers, R&R. Pssst! More information below...
    • round-wall-hanger-champi-bark-scarf-hand

      Wall Hook, CHAMPI N°1 Bark

      From: $14,00
      A round wall hanger for years to come! A classic design with a special touch... We kept the soft bark of the tree branches...! Its darker tone and flat shape will give a distinctive style to your home.

    We call our coat hooks CHAMPI!

    Check this selection of round wall hooks below. These wooden buddies are soft to the touch as well as to the eyes! They will complement  your entryway, living room or your kids room. Install them aligned or in staggered rows for a different effect. Hang your jackets, bombers, shakets, puffer vests, redingotes from these coat hooks. And if you want to leave CHAMPI visible, hang small accessories such as pendant necklaces or your foulard collection.

    CHAMPI’s cap are the size of a hand palm,  and they comes in 4 styles :

    • CHAMPI N°1 : round with a smooth flat face.
    • CHAMPI N°1 Bark : his cousin, with soft bark on the edge.
    • CHAMPI N°2 : the curvy one. A favourite!
    • CHAMPI N°3 : our new design, half curvy/half flat.

    CHAMPI are handmade wall hangers ( you can read more about our 4-hands process here ) and are made from pruned tree branches. The unique patterns and shapes of these coat hooks comes from the nature of the wood : they will all look a bit different.  We especially selected and cut the wood branches for you to see wood marks and knots, giving a unique character to each of them. They comes with attached double treated screw and plastic anchor, and can hold up to 4kg  depending on your wall type.

    Ohmyhook gladly craft these coat hooks to attentive individuals wishing to highlight their home in a unique way. If you have a special order or you are a professional, you can contact us here.

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