• decorative-wall-hook-classic-30-long-scarf-white-hat

      Wall Hook, CLASSIC 30 L

      From: $12,00
      This wooden wall hook looks at the sky... To make sure your belongings do not fall on the floor. Randomly comes with wood marks and wood knots... Fortuitous beauty.
    • wooden-wall-hook-classic-30S-white-hat-scarf

      Wall Hook, CLASSIC 30 S

      From: $10,50
      Hello there! Let me introduce myself. I'm a wall hook (obviously), I'm quite short, as strong as wood and I've been told that I have my head in the clouds... I will be your discreet companion, you can count on me everyday of the week...!
    • wall-mounted-hanger-hook-classic-90-long-bag

      Wall Hook, CLASSIC 90 L

      From: $12,00
      The Classic 90 L wall hook is : straight, long, so soft and highly versatile : use it anywhere in your house!
    • handmade-wall-hanger-hook-classic-90-short-hat-colorful-scarf

      Wall Hook, CLASSIC 90 S

      From: $10,50
      The simplest design is also the most timeless. Just an everyday wall hook for anywhere, anytime... ...But always crafted with patience and care!

    Welcome to our CLASSIC family of Wall Hooks

    These 4 wooden wall hangers are designed from a simple idea : a timeless design that would fit your interior for many years to come. A useful yet cute item to hang your raincoats, hats and kid school bags… And if you want to leave the wood visible, you can hang from them small accessories such as scarves, foulards, necklaces…

    The CLASSIC family are handmade wall hooks ( you can read more about our making process here ) and are made from pruned tree branches. By its nature, wood creates unique patterns and shapes : you can be sure your wall hooks will all look slightly different! We especially selected and cut the wood branches for you to see wood marks and knots, giving a unique character to each of them.

    These wall hooks come in two sizes, Short and Long, and are cut with  30 or 90° angle. Select your favourite design in its Natural Wood appearance or with a color tip at the edge. You can choose between Off White, Soft Grey, Green Water, and Lead Grey colours. These neutral tones will highlight your entryway, bathroom, bedroom. And if you want a few of them in different colors, you can choose them MIX by choosing on the product page.

    CLASSIC wall hooks comes with an attached double treated screw and plastic anchor, and can hold 2kg or more depending on the product and your wall type.

    Ohmyhook happily craft these cute wall hangers to attentive individuals wishing to highlight their home in a unique way. If you have a special order or you are a professional, you can contact us here.

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