• wall-mounted-hook-monsieur-detail

      Wooden Wall Hook, MONSIEUR

      From: $15,50
      The big guy in the playground! Sturdy and almost intimidating... But behind its thick appearance, it is as soft and delicate as the other ones!
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      Wooden Wall Hook, MONSIEUR Bark

      From: $15,50
      The big guy also comes with its shell! Hefty and Strong! But with the softest edge...  

    Say hello to these two MONSIEUR!

    Two oversized decorative wall hooks designed for wood lovers! These two lads will give a unique character to your interior. MONSIEUR is suitable for light tones walls whereas MONSIEUR Bark is more suited for darker tones… Or, do the opposite and make these cute items stand out on your walls.The choise is yours…!

    Place these two decorative wall hooks in your hallway to hang your heavy raincoats or in your kid room for his/her heavy school bag… Keep your garage organized by hanging extension cords and garden hose from them. We crafted these two with a 30°  angle to display the beautiful wood grain and marks. They are sturdy and thick, around 6cm and comes in two styles.

    MONSIEUR : Super soft non-varnished wood and light tone
    MONSIEUR Bark : Its brother but with clothes on… its soft bark.

    MONSIEUR  are handmade hooks  (you can read more about our 4-hands process here) and are made from pruned tree branches. The unique patterns and shapes of these wall hangers comes from the nature of the wood : they will all look a bit different! We especially selected and cut the wood branches for you to see wood marks and knots, giving a unique character to each of them. Comes with an attached double treated screw and plastic anchor, and can hold up to 6kg depending on your wall type.

    Ohmyhook happily craft these decorative wall hooks to mindful individuals wishing to decorate their home in a unique way. If you have a special order or you are a professional, you can contact us here.

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