Hanging Planters
    • terracotta-hanging-planter--double-brown-ropes-cactus

      Hanging Planter, TERRACOTTA

      From: $17,50
      A simple and timeless way to display your small plants and flowers. One, two or three, the choice is yours! See more information about our terracotta hanging planter below.
    • ceramic-hanging-planter-studio-brushes

      Hanging Planter, CERAMIC

      From: $22,50
      Ting Ting! Here's come ceramic! Suspend your greeneries from this white hanging planter. See more information right below.    
    • hanging-pot-plants-red-interior

      Hanging Planter, TERRACOTTA RED

      From: $17,50
      A cute add-on to your everyday space : make it green and red with this terracotta hanging planter! See more useful information below.

    Green is the Colour… Our Handmade Hanging Planters

    Here at Ohmyhook we love to hang stuff from our wooden wall hangers  but we also like plants, that is is why we would like to show you our small family of indoor hanging planters.

    All of these models are shaped and painted by hand. They all come with a drainage hole at the bottom and are attached to a special long wooden wall hook with three nylon ropes. We chose nylon to assure longevity and strength  to your hanging planters!

    Their size is perfect to hang small to medium size plants and flowers. For low to almost no maintenance, consider aloe vera or cactus for example. We also like strings of pearls, sweetheart plant, small begonia and snake plants, tiny ferns and philodendron!
    Or maybe you know plants better than we do… But we know how to hang them in a charming way 😉

    Our indoor hanging planters come in 3 models :

    • TERRACOTTA : a handmade clay pot with brown ropes
    • TERRACOTTA RED : same same but with bright red ropes and colored-beads.
    • CERAMIC : a white handmade ceramic pot with brown ropes.

    These indoor hanging planters might also be installed outside inside your loggia or on your garden terrace.

    Terracotta and ceramic are both based-clay materials and they are plant friendly! Their porous physical characteristics will help the plant to keep a good balance of humidity in the roots and substrate.

    See our products below, and if you have any questions, you can read our FAQ.

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