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Because the world is round… You might need this cute round wall hanger!
We really love this one and our regulars do too.
Choose it in its natural wood texture or add a bit of pop with our 4 different colors!

Natural WoodNatural Wood
Off WhiteOff White
Soft GreySoft Grey
Green WaterGreen Water
Lead GreyLead Grey
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Add a bit of curve to your home with CHAMPI N°2, our charming handmade wall knob.

This wall hook is crafted and sanded by hand with a round shape, giving its curvy and irresistible look. Installed on your walls, it will display your favorite items, such as your tote bags, jump rope, and your wool scarfs…
If you get a few of them, you can be sure they will not look exactly same as we use tree branches…Natural beauty in action.
In addition, this handmade wall knob might also display some wood marks and wood knots, giving a unique character to your interior.

CHAMPI N°2 is made of non-varnished natural wood.

You can choose it in Natural Wood or in 4 different colors to freshen your living room, guest room or your bathroom.

Size diameter: approx. 2.75″ (7 cm) ; Length  : approx. 2.15″ ( 5,5cm )
Only for hard walls like concrete, bricks or wood.
Can hold up to 4 Kg depending on the wall type.
Every hook is individually handmade using pruned tree branches, so they may differ slightly in diameter, as well as wood marks and knots.

Please let us know your color selection when ordering if you choose MIX Colors.

In the box :

1, 2, 3, 4 or 5 wall hooks depending on your choice.
Attached double treated screw and plastic anchor.
Printed manual to fit them step by step. Never was that easy!


Single Item, Set of 2, Set of 3, Set of 4, Set of 5


Natural Wood, Off White, Soft Grey, Green Water, Lead Grey, Mix

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