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    • wooden-wall-knob-hook-champi-1-interior

      Wall Hook, CHAMPI N°1

      From: $14,00
      A slice of tree branch... Topped with a smooth texture and a dash of color if you want to. Best served hot on a freshly-painted wall! Enjoy CHAMPI n°1.
    • handmade-wall-knob-hook-champi-2-interior

      Wall Hook, CHAMPI N°2

      From: $14,00
      Because the world is round... You might need this cute round wall hanger! We really love this one and our regulars do too. Choose it in its natural wood texture or add a bit of pop with our 4 different colors!
    • decorative-wall-knob-hook-champi-3-straw-hat

      Wall Hook, CHAMPI N°3

      From: $14,00
      Flat or curvy? Champi n°3 has both! This is our new design and we hope you'll like it... Your hook makers, R&R. Pssst! More information below...
    • round-wall-hanger-champi-bark-scarf-hand

      Wall Hook, CHAMPI N°1 Bark

      From: $14,00
      A round wall hanger for years to come! A classic design with a special touch... We kept the soft bark of the tree branches...! Its darker tone and flat shape will give a distinctive style to your home.
    • decorative-wall-hook-classic-30-long-scarf-white-hat

      Wall Hook, CLASSIC 30 L

      From: $12,00
      This wooden wall hook looks at the sky... To make sure your belongings do not fall on the floor. Randomly comes with wood marks and wood knots... Fortuitous beauty.
    • wooden-wall-hook-classic-30S-white-hat-scarf

      Wall Hook, CLASSIC 30 S

      From: $10,50
      Hello there! Let me introduce myself. I'm a wall hook (obviously), I'm quite short, as strong as wood and I've been told that I have my head in the clouds... I will be your discreet companion, you can count on me everyday of the week...!
    • wall-mounted-hanger-hook-classic-90-long-bag

      Wall Hook, CLASSIC 90 L

      From: $12,00
      The Classic 90 L wall hook is : straight, long, so soft and highly versatile : use it anywhere in your house!
    • handmade-wall-hanger-hook-classic-90-short-hat-colorful-scarf

      Wall Hook, CLASSIC 90 S

      From: $10,50
      The simplest design is also the most timeless. Just an everyday wall hook for anywhere, anytime... ...But always crafted with patience and care!

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